The ship was sinking, there were 2 husbands and wives on it .. only 1 of them survived. – Religion – a science

Relationships are very important in life. Relationships are important not only in humans but also in animals. They also understand each other. This disposition also supports the relationship and moves forward with each other. To teach such behavior, a teacher told her children a story.

He wanted to tell through this story how we do not understand relationships and form our own opinion without thinking of anything. You also read this story. Husband and wife were traveling in a ship. Suddenly there was an accident with his ship.

There was only one lifeboat on board and only one life was saved. To save her own life, the husband boarded the lifeboat and began to walk away from the sinking ship. At the same time the wife boomed and said something. The teacher closed the story here and asked the children what his wife must have said.

The children said that his wife would have cursed her husband, saying that when life came to an end I understood the relationship with you. You are ruthless and ruthless and you have never truly loved me. Now tell me do you agree with these kids too?

You may have thought that the wife would have said that her husband was unfaithful and would have drowned in the same ship crying. The teacher noticed that all the children except one had the same ideas. He said to the child sitting quietly – you didn’t say anything.

What do you think the wife might have said? The child said – the man’s wife must have told her husband to take care of our child. Teacher shocked – how do you know the correct answer? This is like listening to and understanding the answers given by the child. The child said that my mother also told the same thing to the father.

The teacher told the whole story and said that the woman had a serious illness for which both the husband and wife were going to the ship for treatment. When the ship began to sink, the wife realized that her end was near. Extending the lifeboat to her husband, she said she should save his life.

The husband refused to leave his wife at the last minute. The husband said they lived together and would die together now. The wife said – No, we have children at home waiting for us to come back, you have to take care of them and then her husband came back to shore.

He was ready to drown in the sea with his wife, but his children needed to survive one of the two. We learned two lessons from this story. First, after half-hearing, we form our own opinion which is wrong and second, relationships are the most precious in this world.

If the husband wants to maintain the relationship with the wife he must maintain the father’s relationship with the children and that is why we should respect our relationship.

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