The price of this bag of Kinjal Dave is so much that if you know, only a few will go to Choki… – Voice of Gujarat

Friends, we all know that at present the world of Gujarati music and film is at new heights. People all over the world love Gujarati film and Gujarati music. If we talk about Gujarati music, today Gujarati songs, Garba, folk songs are chosen by people all over the world.

However, Gujarati artists have made a great contribution in bringing Gujarati music to such heights. We all know that people like Gujarati musicians a lot. Until now people only knew the clothes of Bollywood actors and their expensive hobbies but our Gujarati artists are not far behind in the hobby of expensive things.

We are here to talk about Kinjal Dave, a popular artist from Gujarat. We all know that he has captivated millions of people with his voice and has made a special place in the hearts of the people. Remains in debate.

Let it be known that Kinjal Dave loves foreign travel very much. She travels abroad with her family from time to time. She is currently enjoying Kings in Dubai with her future husband Pawan Joshi. Whenever Kinjal comes out in public his expensive clothes, bags, spectacles etc. are in a lot of discussion among the people. A photo of Kinjal Dave is currently going viral on social media.

If we talk about this photo, it is from last year where Kinjal Dave went to America with his father for the program. According to Christian Dior’s online website, the price of this bag is 2,58,236. The bags of this company are used by many big celebrities. Knowing this, you may have come up with the idea now that Kinjal Dave’s stardom is huge.

However, Kinjal Dave has worked hard to reach the destination of his life today. Let us say that Kinjal Dave was born on 24th November 1999 in a village of Jasangpura in Patan to a Brahmin family. His early life was full of struggle. He was in the diamond business and initially rented a single room.

Kinjal started singing when he was only 7 years old. His father was fond of music. He started composing music with his friend. He is very popular now because of his voice and today he has no shortage in life.

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