The most embarrassing moments in the world of sports that were captured on camera

Indian star tennis player Sania Mirza, who is one of India’s most famous and known worldwide for her outstanding performances, has been the talk of social media in her personal life. Sania has achieved a lot for the country in the field of tennis. Sania is currently the world number one tennis player in doubles. These days Sania is just talking about her success and her game.

There was a time in Sania Mirza’s life when her name came up only because of controversy. This is when Sania started playing tennis. This was followed by several photos of her in which there was a lot of fuss about her dress and dress.

These photos, linked to Sania Mirza’s life, included on-the-field photos as well as off-field photos. In this news, we are showing you only those photos of Sania which made her trending. Look at the controversial pictures of Sania in the next slides.

Sania Mirza looks as stylish on the ground as she does on the outside. Players also have to be careful about their clothes, otherwise they sometimes feel ashamed because of their clothes. Something similar happened with Sania Mirza.

In fact, at one point Sania’s outfits along with her nose ring also emerged as a fashion statement among women. At the same time, Sania looks very stylish even off the field. Sania Mirza often faced abusive comments.

Let me tell you that often there are moments captured on camera which make the players feel ashamed, there are some moments associated with Sania Mirza which caused her difficulties on and off the field.

Pictures of Sania Mirza’s Hey Moment also went viral several times. Sania became part of the limelight everywhere, on and off the field. Sania Mirza’s best play silenced the critics. Sania Mirza has not changed her dressing style despite being in controversy.

Sania never paid attention to her critics. Sania’s fans also consider her a hot player. Sania was seen in this estimate during an event. Sania has inspired many young women to play tennis. Let me tell you that Sania Mirza is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

This photo of Sania with her husband Shoaib Malik has also been taken from wrong angle. However this photo also went very viral. Because of this photo, many people questioned playing tennis while wearing such a dress. Conservatives in particular were against wearing Sania’s dress.

However, these criticisms and controversies had no effect on Sania’s game. Sania took people’s comments as a challenge and raised herself above these controversies.

Sania Mirza stopped people talking about her game. Sania has won 3 Doubles Grand Slam and 3 Mixed Doubles Grand Slam titles in her career. She has been the number one women’s tennis player in doubles for the past several months.

Indian tennis sensation Sania was born on November 15, 1986. She married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010. Even after marriage, Sania spends most of her time in India. Although his home is in Dubai.

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