The history of this mother’s temple is unique.

Dhulasiya village is located in Kalawad taluka of Jamnagar district. Where the Divine Temple of I Shri Varudi is located. Which is 12 kilometers from Kalawad and 36 kilometers from Jamnagar. So let us know the manifest story of I Varudi.

In Khodasar village in Kutch, there was a shepherd named Sankhada Nara. Hanklaj Mata was the name given to Sankhada Charan every year. That is why he went to Sindh, that is, in present day Pakistan, to his family goddess I Hinglaj. At that time it is said that Hinglaj Mata used to walk for three months.

When Sankhadoji Hinglaj Mata arrived, he did not pay homage to Mataji, and while giving quince to the priest, he told her to have this quince, Mataji, but what is this? . In this way, two pieces of seven shrifals fell into the hands of the priest. Sankhadoji realized that this would not have happened if Nehru had not decided on an accident. Mataji started praying Manoman..K hey..Mawadi

In the middle of the night, at midnight, I came to Sankhada Charan to sleep (in a dream) that father, I am born to you as a daughter, and at birth I saw my ugly face and buried me. Come and take me out in seven days. Am. Jojo Bapu, don’t be late, if you don’t come in seven days, on the eighth day I will take my green package.

The shepherd woke up, thinking that he would be home in three months. How will it be reached in seven days? Sankhadaji talked all over.

Instead of chanting Mataji’s name, Sankhadoji started moving .. so many roads were not cut during the day, so many roads were not cut during the night… Mataji reached the village priest on the seventh day (day) with his help તા Is buried. Jat show me that place..people started thinking how did they know that their daughter has been buried in the public basement

People said that the birth of a daughter was a form of birth and seeing the next two teeth black like iron, the mouth is ugly and considering it a witch. Started digging 3.

And what is this ? The daughter was alive. Seeing this, people started thinking that it has been alive without air, water and milk for six days. The father came and dug up the living, ugly truth, hence the name Varvadi (Varudi). And all together I called Jai in Shri Varudi

Time does not seem to pass and once there was a drought in Kutch. Water and fodder started drying up. Cattle started dying without fodder. I asked Varudi.

That is why Mataji meditated and told everyone that the land on the south side is green. There is a lot of water and fodder and I called Varudima’s Jai and ran away.

Even today the parcha of Maa Varudi is unconventional. In Dhudshiya village in Jamnagar district, there is a temple of I Varudi and a heap of grain for Vadlo and Navghan Sena horses, i.e. Dhudiya Dhag, which is a testimony to this history. Every year a trident is lit spontaneously in this temple.

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