The flight attendant was also ashamed to see the model’s clothes, openly doing such work that …

Many bold and hot pictures of the model go viral on the internet, which fans also love to see, but what if a model wears embarrassing clothes in a public place?

One such incident has recently taken place. Instagram model Isabel Eleanor was stopped by a flight attendant as she was about to board a flight. A Jetstar Airways staff member said he could not travel with the clothes.

Isabelle wore only a black crop top and blue jeans. After which he was asked if he had a jacket? He refused at first, then the crew member arranged a jacket for him.According to the model, the incident happened to her while she was on her way to Melbourne from Gold Coast. Isabelle was traveling with her husband on the flight.

The model said, “A flight attendant on the plane looked at me and asked, ‘I don’t have a jumper or a jacket that I can wear. I felt that this was asking so that I would not feel cold anywhere. Maybe it’s cold in Melbourne right now. ” Isabelle further stated that the woman further told me that you cannot travel with what you are wearing. You cannot travel in a bikini. The crew was called by the flight attendant and asked about the jacket.

He was then given a jacket by a flight attendant to wear. Isabelle also faced embarrassment during this time. Everyone was watching.

Now in this case Jetstar says the flight attendant had some misconceptions about the airline’s police. The airline has also apologized for the model.

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