The first carry of the season is equipped with ‘Z + Security’, which is not a matter for people to break, see the post …

With the onset of summer, the mango season begins. During this time you will find many varieties of mangoes in the market. In rural areas people eat mangoes plucked directly from the trees. At the same time people in many places eat only raw mangoes. Garden owners often have strict security measures in place to protect Carrie from people.

In some places, they put guards directly on the trees. Despite this, people break through those barriers and steal mangoes. Seeing this, one owner has made arrangements for security, which is not a matter for people to break. Her image is rapidly going viral on social media.

By the way, in a viral picture everything seems normal to you. But, if you look closely, the whole truth will be understood. In the picture you can see how the bees are protecting the mango. Breaking the way mangoes hang on the hive is no one’s business. Because we all know how dangerous bees are. Even if you throw a stone at it, the result can be very dangerous. View Post

People are chatting on the picture: This funny picture is being shared on different social media platforms. IPS RK VJ shared this picture on Twitter. Sharing the photo, he wrote in the caption, ‘First carry of the season with Z + security’. People have been shocked after seeing this picture and are even chatting on it. This post has been liked by over 39 thousand people so far.

While more than 3200 people have retweeted. At the same time, users are also commenting on the chatter. One user wrote, ‘An impatient person will eat raw and die! When it falls, the patient will surely eat ‘! One wrote, ‘The price of mango and honey will also be found’. Some say that nowhere is there such a tight security without a weapon.

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