The cricketer, who was forced to become a carpenter due to lack of money, has given the World Cup to Australia.

The cricketer, who was part of the World Cup team, became a carpenter to earn money, doing such work to fill his stomach.

International cricketers earn a lot of money when they are at the top of their careers, but after retirement their lives are not the same as before. Players have to do other things to earn a living. Many players also suffer financial hardship after retirement. A similar case has come up recently.

Life has become difficult:

Xavier Doherty, the former spinner of the Australian cricket team, retired from cricket in 2017. After retirement he is going through many difficult times. He has to work as a carpenter to support himself.

Doherty became a carpenter:

The Australian Cricketers Association has posted a video on its Twitter account showing Xavier Doherty learning carpentry.

Won the World Cup:

Xavier Doherty made his international debut in 2010. He was a member of the Australian team that won the ICC World Cup in 2015, although he did not make it to the playing XI in the final.

Many things to do after retirement:

Xavier Doherty said that when he left cricket, he did not think about what to do next. For the first 12 months or so, he did whatever he could. He also did landscaping, office work and some cricket related work.

Financial help found:

Xavier Doherty then learned to be a carpenter and has completed half of his training. “Once your career in cricket is over, you know how the money will come,” Doherty said. The question is, what will happen next? What will life be like? Carla, the Australian Cricketers’ Association’s transition manager, assisted on the phone. He also got money to study. It helped me financially and also reduced my expenses a bit.

This information is compiled from news articles from Zee News and other national news agencies.

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