The bride was seen laughing out loud instead of crying at the time of parting, family members had to say – take a little cry… watch video

You may have seen a lot about the bride’s farewell after the wedding. Tears often flow from the eyes of her family members at the time of the bride’s departure, as this is the time when a girl leaves her Babylonian home and mama and becomes the laxmi of another’s house. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. The bride is enjoying her farewell very much. This video is going very viral on social media. Users are also liking it a lot.

In the viral clip you can see that the bride is gone after the wedding. But at the time of parting, the bride cries a lot at her piano house, but this viral video is a bit different. Here the bride is not crying, but laughing. The bride is seen enjoying her farewell. You can see in the meantime a member of the household says – cry a little. But the bride is still smiling and laughing.

Watch the video of the bride’s farewell here: This video has been shared from the bridal_lehenga_designn account on Instagram. The user wrote in the caption, “Tag the girl whose farewell will be very funny and enjoyable.” The video, which was uploaded two days ago, has been liked by over 10,000 people so far. At the same time, many users have reacted to this.

One user commented and wrote, ‘This way you should say goodbye with a laugh so no one cries.’ Similarly, another user said, it is happily dispatched. Apart from this most people have invited friends to see it by tagging it in the comments section. Overall this video is getting a lot of likes from people. People are really enjoying this video.

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