The boy was kicked out of the house by his mother after learning that he is a kinner.

It is said that for a mother, her child’s humor is everything. The same mother is also considered Mamta Devi. If a child looks at a child even with its eyes raised, the mother is most affected because the mother can never bear the tears in her child’s eyes. But in today’s special post we are going to introduce you to a mother who has slandered Mamta.

In fact, one parent kept her child away from her only because she knew her child was transgender. The child who was kicked out of the house by his parents and rejected, today that child has done something that has enhanced the pride of the whole country. Let us tell you in detail the story of this eunuch child.

For information, let me tell you that the name of this impotent child is Adam Harry, who is growing up and raising the pride of the whole country. Adam Harry has now emerged as the country’s first transgender pilot. In fact, when Harry’s parents found out that their child was transgender, they kicked him out of the house and ended all relations with him and forced him to sleep alone on the sidewalk. Despite this struggling life, Harry never gave up and decided to do something in life.

Significantly, Harry wanted to be a pilot from an early age. To make this dream come true, he took a private pilot’s license exam, and in 2017 he also got a license in Johannesburg. There was a time when Harry had to work in a small juice shop to meet his expenses, where people looked at him a little. But Adam Harry never gave up and kept going. He sought help from the Department of Social Justice for his studies, after which he was advised to join the Asian Academy.

While Adam was going through the worst times, the Kerala government helped him get a scholarship of Rs 22.34 lakh from the state’s social justice department. This help enabled him to emerge as a commercial pilot. Adam Harry turned people’s hatred into love for himself and proved the truth of the end and from today the whole country is saluting.

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