The bowler who trained Sachin-Sourav is now selling tea on the road, you know why?

This player of Ranji and Vijay Merchant Trophy improved the batting quality of legends like Sachin and Sourav, know the unknown things of cricket.

Today we will talk about Prakash Bhagat. Many of you may not know this person. So this is the man who was once in the National Cricket Academy (NCA) with big players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. The cricketer from Silchar, Assam, is forced to sell tea and dalpuri at a roadside stall today.

The left-arm spinner took 7 wickets, including a hat-trick, in the Under-17 Vijay Merchant Trophy match against Bihar, a testament to his talent. Prakash also represented Assam in the Ranji Trophy. His routine these days is to sit on a roadside stall with his mother in Silchar.

Prakash, 34, who lives in the Itakhola area of ​​Silchar, had dreamed of making a career in cricket and one day playing for India. Despite the poor financial condition of the family, Prakash became a state level cricketer on the strength of his talent and passion and played Ranji, Vijay Merchant Trophy matches.

Team India started preparations before the tour of New Zealand in 2002-03. Prakash was then invited from the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. Prakash was surprised to receive the invitation. He left for Bengaluru with high hopes.

At the time, the whole world was terrified of New Zealand spinner Vettori. The then captain of Team India Sourav Ganguly and other members of the team were preparing to face Vettori’s bowling. Ganguly wanted the team’s key batsmen to practice as much as they could against the left-arm spinner’s bowling. Because Vettori was that kind of bowler.

At that time, Prakash had trained Sourav Ganguly and another batsman at the Nets at the National Cricket Academy. “I was an under-17 player at the time,” says Prakash, recalling those days. I met Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman. I also bowled against Ganguly during net practice.

According to Prakash, his cricket career started from Silchar in 1999, and he led the district team. In 2007, Silchar’s team won the Nuruddin Trophy Inter-District Cricket Championship. He played for Assam in the Ranji Trophy for two seasons. Prakash played Ranji Trophy matches for Assam in two seasons from 2009 to 2011.

The condition of his home changed after his father left. Family responsibilities came to light. The only two options before Prakash were to continue playing cricket or take on family responsibilities. According to Prakash, it was not possible for him to do both at the same time. Regular practice is essential for a career in cricket. Prakash says that since then his cricket has started to drop. Big brother’s health was not good. That’s why Prakash decided to take care of the house.

“We lived in a rented house,” Prakash told the news agency. I used to work for a company but lost my job due to Co-V-D-19 lockdown. At that time I was getting 10,000-12,000 rupees a month which was a big support for the family. After leaving that job, the problem for the family increased. My father used to run a tea stall. Now Ma and I handle it.

This information has been compiled from news articles of Aajtak and other national news agencies.

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