The birth of a daughter is like a blessing in the family. Your answer is needed.

From ancient times the birth of daughters has been regarded as a ‘curse’ and hated in Indian society. But if we, the people of Indian society, think once and for all, is it possible to have a son in the world without a woman? Is it possible for human life to exist in this world without a woman? If our answer is ‘no’, then why is the number of cases of female genital mutilation, feticide, exploitation of women in homes, offices, schools as well as in different public places increasing day by day? Why is the rate of acid attack on women as well as rape increasing?

The birth of a daughter in a family is not a ‘curse’ but a ‘blessing’ for the society. Because we all know that human life on earth is possible only through the birth of a daughter. People go to the temple to seek the blessings of different ‘Devi Mata’ across the festivals according to their faith, but do not even think once while insulting or cruelly treating the ‘Devi’-woman inside the house. Indeed, women are the foundation of this society. A woman can play a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, and many other characters very beautifully in the future.

One thing is for sure, there is no future for society without a daughter. Indian Union Minister Mrs. Maneka Gandhi once said, “A society in which the number of women is limited, the existence of that society is also limited and the people of such a society are more aggressive as there is less love in the society due to less women.” The main objective of the ‘Save Betty – Educate Betty’ campaign launched by the government is to stop female feticide, educate daughters and eradicate violence against women.

It is said, ‘An educated daughter saves two families’, that is, an educated daughter educates both her peers and her father-in-law, but sadly, the people of the society consider the son to be the one who increases the prosperity and the daughter the one who decreases the prosperity. From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, family members begin to expect her to give birth to a son and also get the fetus tested. If the sex test reveals that the child is a daughter, then the woman will kill the child in the womb or her mother will be looked upon with indignation for giving birth to a daughter.

Even if the daughter is born on earth, she faces only neglect from the elders, parents and relatives in the form of a ‘punishment’. In addition, malnutrition, illiteracy, sexual exploitation, poor lifestyle, dowry system, etc. have to be tolerated.

A sister who has grown up with a small but burdensome responsibility sacrifices her childhood to give her younger brother a better life. And get involved in household chores. A daughter whose dreams we ignore as a joke. Just because she has a daughter !!! Even before dreaming, she has to constantly remember that she is a daughter. The ‘Papa’s Princess’, who grew up in Ladkod, loses her own identity in making another’s world her own immediately after the marriage of her daughter who lives in her own world.

Women too now need to speak out boldly against the atrocities taking place in the society instead of sitting idly by. In India, strict laws should be enacted against doctors who test the sex of a fetus for the sake of earning some money and if the child is a daughter, then kill the child at the behest of her parents, and strictly enforce these laws. Only then can we hope that daughters are safe in India and that their future is bright.

If women are given freedom, equal rights and respect, then there is no work or field today where women cannot be equal to men. Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Lata Mangeshkar, Sania Mirza have all worked hard in their respective fields. Which can be considered a ‘role-model’ for anyone. The list goes on and on. But going beyond this list will inspire you.

Without a woman a man, a house and this whole world is incomplete. Therefore, it is my humble request to all to join the ‘Save the Daughter’ campaign together and adhere to it strictly. Only then will Indian women be able to say, ‘I am proud to be Indian.’

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