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Let me tell you that everything written in Garuda Purana has come out of the mouth of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the world. While calming the eagle’s curiosity in his vehicle, he described in detail all the questions of the eagle. Garuda Purana is a compilation of questions and answers. Find out here about tasks that a person should not even think of doing.

These deeds are considered to be a great sin and they ruin the person even while he is alive and cause pain even after death and he has to suffer the torments of hell. In Bhavishya Purana it is believed that every human being has to suffer the sins (crimes) committed by his body, mind and things. Among the deeds of man are some deeds which have been placed in the category of great sins.

In Bhavishya Purana about sins and punishment for them. Let us know about five such great sins, which lead to severe punishment and torment in hell. According to Umashankar Mishra, a priest and astrologer at the Hanuman Setu temple in Lucknow, the Bhavishya Purana states that after being born on earth, the punishment for sins committed by man is hell. There is a punishment for every crime and sin that the sinner has to suffer.

These are the five biggest sins, the one who commits them gets the most punishment in hell…. Immoral Wealth: It is a sin to collect money by cheating someone or stealing something from someone’s share. In Bhavishya Purana it is described as a great sin. For which there is a severe punishment in hell after death.

Fraud from JupiterThe Guru gives man the knowledge of good and bad. Jupiter is considered equal to father. Never quarrel and cheat with Jupiter. Doing so is considered to be the biggest sin in Bhavishya Purana. Such a person must be punished for his sins.

Cruelty to Animals Cruelty to animals, killing or insulting Brahmins, even abusing a servant has to endure the torment of hell called Kumbhipaka. That is why we should not commit this heinous sin even by forgetting. Drinking alcohol: There are three types of sins mentioned in alcohol. Everyone, male or female, should abstain from alcohol and other intoxicants. Drinking any kind of alcohol makes a person a partner in great sin.

TheftAnyone who tries to grab or steal someone else’s things is considered a sinner. A person who steals or accompanies in such work. Killing fetuses, newborns and pregnant women is considered a grave sin. Many kinds of torture are inflicted in hell after the death of such a person.

Those who insult a woman are called insults. They make fun of pregnant women or menstruating women, do wrong things to them, ruin their lives, and send them to hell after death. Those who annoy the weak, the elderly and the needy, those who exploit them have strong accounts after death.

Such people find a place in hell and are subjected to various forms of torture. When a man looks down on his friend or any other woman because of his wickedness, exploits her, abuses her, such people are considered complicit in the great sin and are severely punished after death.

Such people who make fun of temples, religious texts, are also considered great sinners. The purpose of the scriptures is to show people the right path and temples are built to bring positivity in the person and bring them on the path of religion. If you don’t believe them, at least don’t make fun of them. Such people find a place in hell after death.

By betraying a friend, Yamaraj gives birth to a man who has an affair with his wife in a donkey’s vagina. But there is a greater sin than adultery and deception whose punishment is harsh. At the time of Mahabharata one person committed such a sin, but nowadays many people have started committing such sins, know what is sin and what is its punishment.

It is very important to respect women in order to get to heaven. Apart from this those who donate and arrange wells, lakes, pots for the convenience of others also get heaven. Giving water to others is a very sacred act. The virtuous souls who have gone to heaven are greeted with various musical instruments and many people remain the same, no one feels cold there, no one feels hungry, no one feels thirsty and the people there are free from all kinds of pains. Never get tired and it never stops forever.

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