The biggest bell of the country was installed at Pashupatinath Dham.

A 3700 kg Mahaghant has been installed near the Sahastra Shivling temple under construction at Pashupatinath temple in Mandsaur, which is the heaviest bell in the country and the world. A team of 10 artisans worked day and night for 6 months to make this bell.

The construction of Mahaghant has cost Rs 36 lakh. Another feature of the bell is that it is engraved with figures of Lord Pashupatinath. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will also inaugurate the world’s largest bell during the Prana Pratishtha at the Sahastra Shivling Temple. Let me tell you that 1635 kg bell has been installed in Ratangarh Devi temple of Madhya Pradesh.

The Mahaghanta is made up of metal donations from devotees:

According to Dinesh Nagar, president of Shri Krishna Kamadhenu, when he came to visit the temple, he did not see a single bell in the temple, after which the committee planned to install a huge bell in the temple.

A campaign to create hourglasses was launched in 2017. The committee initially set a target of installing bells weighing 21 quintals in the temple, to which the members of the organization make a pilgrimage to the district every Sunday.

The members collected copper-brass from Mandsaur city and rural areas through more than 150 visits. Devotees enthusiastically participated in the construction of the bell and donated old utensils for the construction of the bell. Along with the metal donations by the devotees, cash was also given in the form of co-operation.

Gujarat company formed in 6 months:

The committee approached a Ahmedabad-based company in Gujarat to build the Mahaghanta and awarded the contract for its construction. A team of 10 people worked day and night for 6 months to build a huge hourglass. After the construction of Mahaghanta, it was kept in the ground for one and half months to adapt to natural cooling.

The construction of the bell has cost about 36 lakh rupees. Donations from devotees included 25 quintals of copper-brass. In addition to the metal, an additional cost of Rs 15 lakh was incurred. For Mahaghant, the committee has paid GST of about Rs 3.5 lakh. Maha Ghante was brought from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh in a special trolley.

Arranging a bell weighing 37 quintals was challenging. It was founded by Nahrubhai of Mandsaur. Nahrubhai said that the foundation was laid for the establishment of Mahaghant. Such a structure was then made from a large pipe that could withstand a weight of 36 quintals.

The bell was set with 15 days of hard work. The collector also expressed surprise over the installation of the bell. Devotees can easily play this great bell hanging on an iron frame.

When the engineers gave up while installing the Shivling statue in the Sahastra Shivling temple being constructed near Pashupatinath temple complex, the uneducated Maqbool Bhai of the city easily helped to install the statue with a piece of ice. This brother came forward and installed the bell even when the engineers and the administration raised their hands to install the bell.

This information has been compiled from news articles of Amar Ujala and other national news agencies.

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