Surprise the Gujarati music world! Accident with Jignesh Kaviraj is still bad news for fans. – Voice of Gujarat

Friends, we all know that Gujarati art field has a very prominent name in the whole world. Gujarati music is also in the heart of the people. A lot of love is given to Gujarati music and Gujarati music has its own distinct identity although there is a big hand of Gujarati singers behind the popularity of Gujarati music.

We all know that at present Gujarati singers are loved not only in the country but also abroad. The voice is a singer Jignesh Kaviraj whose popularity is far and wide. He forced people to dance with the magic of his acting and especially his voice. Although there is currently bad news for the fans of Jignesh Kaviraj.

It is to be mentioned that according to the information received, Jignesh Kaviraj has recently been the victim of a very horrible accident which he also shared a video on social media. Giving information about the accident, Jignesh Kaviraj had posted a social media post in which he said that his hands and feet were fractured due to an accident caused by a bike during the shooting of a film on 1930. At present the doctor has asked for a month and a half of rest so no live program can be attended. Looking forward to your support and cooperation – Singer Jignesh Barot.

We all know that Jignesh Kaviraj Singer has an actor along with him. The accident happened while he was shooting for his film with a bullet. However, soon after that Jignesh Kaviraj was taken to the hospital for treatment but now he is in good health. Is.

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