Surat Grishma Ha, there case: Grishma’s lawyer Nayan Sukhadwala made a sharp argument .., said: – If the spirit of cleansing the whole nobility is not in love then … – Gujarati Press

For the third day in a row, Chief District Public Prosecutor Nayan Sukhadwala argued sharply in the ongoing trial against Fenil Goyani, accused in the murder case of Grishma Vekaria, which was made public in Pasodra, Surat. The accused alleged that there was love between Fenil and Grishma. However, this has been denied by the ruling party. At the same time, the lawyer of the ruling party said that if there is love, then there is no love in the spirit of cleansing the whole nobility.

There is no photo of Grishma and Fenil. Nayan Sukhadwala, chief district public prosecutor of the ruling party, said the government’s arguments were complete today. In today’s argument, the accused argued that the so-called photo was submitted by the party. There is no guarantee that this photo is original. If for the sake of argument it is assumed that both have photos together then just having photos together does not prove to be love. Nowadays, having a photo with a boy or a girl does not mean that they are in love. In this case, it has not been proved that there is a photo of both of them.

Possible tampering with submitted photos. The defense of the love shown by the accused is also not to be taken lightly. Regarding the definition of love, the government party said that love is a matter of renunciation and sacrifice. No one is subject to sacrifice. Love should have a spirit of renunciation. Don’t have a gentle cleaning spirit. So that love cannot be believed. There is a good chance that the submitted photos have been tampered with. If there were photos, why didn’t the accused give them during the investigation. The photo may have been taken later. The government party has proved the case through all the evidence. Arguments are completed with the argument that the accused must be convicted.

Fenil strangled and killed Grishma in public. The accused injured himself to gain sympathy. Yo. Called from jail. Extra judicial confession of the accused has also been released. The accused appears to have been injured to gain sympathy. Because after the incident, if the accused had to die, he would not have called and asked me to take him away from here. When the police came, they told him to ask for a PCR, so he did not want to die. Was just showing off. The accused has already gone to jail for theft. Thus, even after going to jail, he did not improve. While sentencing, the court sees that the victim’s family gets justice and on the other hand, the accused gets a lesson. Thus, the accused is a serious minded accused. There is all the evidence against the accused.

Grishma’s brother was also injured by a fennel paddle. There is no reason not to believe the mother’s testimony. A mother who had been in the womb for nine months, endured the excruciating pain of childbirth, waking up at night and seeing her daughter die in front of her eyes was a lifelong unforgettable pain, the public prosecutor argued sharply yesterday. . If the mother has testified, there is no reason not to believe the mother’s testimony. She is the mother of the dying. He cannot be considered as a witness against a false accuser. The mother must have had many dreams for her daughter. Now when someone kills her in front of this same mother, her pain will be more than the pain of childbirth. This anguish has turned the mother’s whole life into anguish.

Fennell also pretended to commit suicide after Grishma’s murder. Government party arguments lasted 12 hours in three days. The ruling party has been arguing for the last three days. Arguments lasted for 3 hours two days ago, 6 hours last day and 3 hours today for 12 hours. Then the arguments of the ruling party are completed. Now the defense arguments will begin. The arguments so far were based on the testimony of eight eyewitnesses. In addition, the testimony of the injured Saheed was also questioned. Arguments were also made regarding the evidence of FSL. In which the presence of the accused is proved to be on the spot.

What was the incident? Fenil Goyani, a madman in love with Grishma Vekaria, was brutally murdered on February 12 in Pasodra, Kamaraj, Surat. He then tried to commit suicide by cutting a vein in his arm and pretending to take a poisonous drug. Fenil, accused of killing Grishma, was released from hospital and produced in court by the police and remanded. The remand was completed and moved to judicial custody. Fenil is currently lodged in Lajpore Jail.

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