Suddenly the wind blew, the dress flew and thorns spread in the middle. Watch the addictive video

‘Kanta Laga Girl’ Shefali Jariwala has been ruling people’s hearts for the last many years because of her beauty. Celebrities often face moments because of their outfits that make their fans angry with them. Something similar happened to Shefali Jariwala when she was on holiday in the Maldives, posing on a boat with her husband when the wind blew and she fell victim to the Oops Moment.

Earlier this summer, Shefali Jariwala went to the Maldives for a holiday with her husband Parag Tyagi. He enjoyed the holidays a lot. From there he also posted many photos and videos. Meanwhile, she has posted a video in which she was recreating the signature pose of the movie Titanic with her husband and in the meantime she became a victim of Oops Moment. Now this video of his is going very viral.

Shefali Jariwala was posing on a Titanic cruise between the seas in this video. In this video, Shefali looked very beautiful in a lace style white dress, but this short dress was blown away by the wind and faced Oops Moment.

Even after this awkward moment, Shefali (Shefali Jariwala) did not pay any attention to her and she was seen giving Bindas pose. Shefali shared the video on her Instagram account. However, the romantic chemistry of the celebrity couple can be clearly seen in this video. Watch the video

Let me tell you, even though Shefali didn’t mind, users on social media have taken a class on his mistake. So some users made fun of them and trolled them. Someone said – Let the air fly, someone wrote – We have seen everything and many others have commented differently.

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