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Who doesn’t know Priya Prakash who has become an overnight star. Yes, Priya Prakash has become a National Crush. They are called Indian Crush. The video that helped Priya Prakash become an overnight star may be a hit today, but nothing good is happening in Priya’s life. Priya is wandering around the house today. Now you may be wondering why Priya needs to wander from house to house, because Viral Girl will have nothing to lose? But it is not that Priya is in a lot of trouble.

You may think that only ordinary youth have to be unemployed, but the truth is that even a star has to be unemployed today. Yes, we are talking about Priya Prakash. Priya Prakash is forced to wander from house to house these days as she does not have a job. It is clear that Priya Prakash has become unemployed. In such a situation they are looking for their new job i.e. project.

We are not saying that Priya Prakash is unemployed, but Priya herself has said. Priya shared this information on Instagram, after which her fans were disappointed.

Oru Adar Love Star Roshan is also seen with Priya in this picture. Giving a caption, Priya wrote that even when you are unemployed, someone should take a photo with you. From this it is clear that Priya is now unemployed.

This pose of Priya with South actor Roshan looks absolutely cute. Priya is wearing a yellow dress. She also has a red rose in her hand. Priya is also making a fuss in this dress. Yes, this picture of Priya is getting a lot of likes from her fans. The picture is also going viral, but fans are disappointed that Priya doesn’t have a job.

According to the news, Priya is going to make her debut in Bollywood very soon. However, it was earlier reported that Priya will be seen in Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan’s film Simba. Let it be known that this news has not been confirmed yet, in such a situation Priya Prakash is quite unemployed at present. Priya has millions of followers on Instagram, who want Priya to get a job soon.

Most Killer Picture .. This is being called by Priya Prakash Warrior as her most sensational photo ever. The scattered hair on her face is making her look even more murderous. Speaking of work front, Priya Prakash Warrior is in the news these days for her upcoming film ‘Crack’. In this film, she will be seen working with actor Nitin.

Wink girl Priya Prakash Warrior, who has become famous overnight due to her style, is making a splash on the internet. In these pics Priya Prakash is seen in Warrior Sizzling Avatar. Fans are liking these bold pictures of her a lot. Even in these pictures, Priya Prakash can be seen shaking the hearts of the fans with her style.

Such a reaction from the fans, .. After seeing these pictures of him, one user wrote in the comment box, ‘These moves of yours will kill you.’ Another user commented, ‘Save someone’. At the same time, one user wrote – you look awesome. These pictures of her have got more than 2 lakh views in just a few hours. While this style of Priya Prakash Warrior is stealing the hearts of the fans, she has written in the caption that she has taken these pictures herself.

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