Something like this looks like without makeup.

In the case of Husn, the TV actress is not far behind Bollywood beauties. Have you seen the no-makeup look of actresses seen in very glam avatars on screen? Today we will show you pictures of many famous actresses without makeup.

1. Rupali Ganguly: You will be surprised to see the no makeup look of Rupali Ganguly who played the lead role in the TV show ‘Anupama’.

2. Bright light: The bright light of one of the cutest stars in the world of TV wins the hearts of fans even without makeup. It is often seen in the makeup look.

3. Hina Khan: Hina Khan is one of the most successful TV actresses. See how Hina Khan looks without makeup in this picture.

4. Ankita Lokhande: The image of Ankita Lokhande, who traveled from TV to Bollywood, goes viral every day. Ankita’s face changes a lot after applying makeup.

5. Divyanka Tripathi: Divyanka Tripathi, one of the famous TV actresses, looks very beautiful on screen but when it comes to without makeup, the actress looks something like this.

6. Ruby’s Dilaik: Ruby Dilaik, who won the title of Bigg Boss 14 in her own name, looks beautiful not only in makeup but also without makeup.

7. Niya Sharma: Nia Sharma is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world of television. But Nia Sharma’s look without makeup is quite amazing.

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