Shweta Tiwari lives alone at the age of 41 even after 2 marriages and 2 children, find out what is the reason?

Television actress Shweta Tiwari has made a name for herself in the world of entertainment. She struggled for a long time and then became an overnight star by playing the role of inspiration in Kasauti Zindagi K.

Let me tell you that Shweta was married to TV actor Raja Chaudhary at the age of 19. Raja’s TV career was nothing special and he was seen in Bigg Boss. Raja was in the spotlight due to his angry attitude towards the show.

Shweta and Raja’s marriage did not last. After both marriages, a daughter became Palak’s parents, but the birth of a daughter did not save their marriage. Shweta had accused Raja Chaudhary of assault and domestic violence. Shweta also mentioned facing domestic violence in an interview.

“My daughter saw me beating her up,” he said. Life after marriage became like hell, so there was only one way to end it. Eventually Shweta filed for divorce from Raja and then separated from him forever. After the divorce, Shweta got custody of her daughter Palak.

Then in 2013, she got married for the second time to TV actor Abhinav Kohli. After this marriage, Shweta became the mother of son Rayansh in 2016. After this, Shweta and Abhinav’s relationship broke down and Shweta also accused her second husband of domestic violence and abuse.

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