Shocking case: Four times divorced young man married young woman fleeing with jewelry, the young man finally committed suicide – Gujarat Info Portal

These days, people are committing suicide due to stress. Some people take such steps because of the pressure of money. Currently, a case of suicide has come up from Ahmedabad. A young man from Ahmedabad got married four times. After four failed marriages, he married a young woman from Nalasopara, Mumbai in the fifth.

Despite being married five times, it was his turn to commit suicide. According to the information received, within a few days of the marriage, the girl had absconded with Rs 1.5 lakh and jewelery. So the young man committed suicide and charged seven people in a suicide note. So a police complaint has been registered.

According to the deceased’s mother, 15 days after the UK wedding, his wife was leaving to meet Pierre. He said that when he came home after the funeral of the young man, he took Oshika’s cover, which was damaged due to the young man’s vomiting, to wash it. Meanwhile, the deceased’s mother received a letter.

In the letter, the youth had written the names of Rajubhai, Ashabahen, Ashwin, Mukeshbhai, Sufian, Rani’s son, Rani’s mother and Rani. “These people have extorted money from me by telling me about racial discrimination,” he wrote. Now they don’t even send the girl and don’t even accept that she has taken the money. I had to live a lot but because of these people I have taken such a step.

The young man’s family was shocked to see this letter. The deceased Hitesh was married to a young woman named Nalasopara named Rani. Then the young man who betrayed her and ran away with money and jewelery came to his mind. So he is said to have taken this step. The family members of the youth lodged a complaint at the Asalali police station and the police have taken action.

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