Shiva has a very special relationship with water .. The same relationship is the reason why there is Ganga in Jata .. Knowing this will also make your mind dizzy .. – We are Gujarati

Lord Shiva is considered to be the supreme deity in Hinduism. The description of his glory in the form of Rudra is also found in Vedas and Puranas. Let us know why Lord Shiva has a special relationship with water, know 10 interesting things.

1. It is very surprising that Vishnu lives in water and the anointing is done by Shiva. In fact Shiva lives in a place where the water is still. Frozen i.e. icy places live on Kailash where Kailash is also Mansarovar.

2. There are 3 parts of Shivling. The first part that lives underground around the bottom. The same brass seat is made on all eight sides in the middle. Finally its top, which is oval, is worshiped. The height of this Shivling is one third of the entire mandala or perimeter.

These 3 parts symbolize Brahma (below), Vishnu (middle) and Shiva (top). Water is poured over the top, which is emptied by a passage made to sit down and flow. The whole universe is similar to the form of Shivling falling from above holding water.

3. The special month of Shiva is Shravan Mass which is the month of rain. It rains during this month.4. There are many such temples of Shiva, where Shivling is submerged in water or spring water falls on Shivling.

5. The Shivling of ice that is formed in Amarnath is due to every drop of water.6. Ganga and Moon are seated on the head of Shiva, which is only related to water.

7. Halahal i.e. chulakut poison released during Samudra Manthan increased the heat in Shiva’s body and made his head hot. It is believed that the Shivling is watered only to reduce the effects of poison.

8. In many temples a urn is also placed on the Shivling, from which drops of water fall continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, anointing them with water gives good results.

9. Shivling is dissolved in water in many places when it is not raining. It is believed that doing so starts the rain.10. According to Shiva Purana, water is Shiva and Shiva is water.

In the scriptures, Lord Shiva is said to be the first Guru of the universe. It is not a coincidence that Jupiter Purnima is celebrated one day before the beginning of the seventh month. In fact Shiva is the original Guru. If Brahma is the father of the universe, then Shiva is the first Guru.

The lessons of peace, contentment, equality and cooperation which Shiva taught to the world were not given by any other deity. Everyone is given equal affection, be it a deity or a demon. Shiva has never been different from the demons in his shelter. The snow-capped hills of Kailash made a home, animal skins as clothing, ashes for ashes, the most satisfying and happy of all.

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