Serious situation of Gujarati girls on Ukraine border, says people here do not even allow Indians to use washroom – Gujarat Info Portal

Russia has been fighting the Ukraine war for weeks. In the midst of the Russian invasion, the Indians are trying hard to save their lives and return to their homeland. News has surfaced that Indian students are being discriminated against on the Ukraine border. Indians are not even allowed to use the washroom at the Ukraine border.

Gujarat’s daughters trapped in Ukraine are saying giving. Dinky and Dolly, two twin sisters from Vadodara, went to Ukraine to study. “We have to travel 10 hours by train to get out of Ukraine,” he said. At the border, Ukrainians do not even allow Indians to use the washroom. Some cafes even refuse to serve meals.

Both the twin sisters said that Indians are being discriminated against here. Kiev has been ordered to leave by the Indian Embassy. So we left the luggage. But Indian students are being discriminated against at the border.

Students are pushed. Sometimes even firing in the air to scare. Now we have come to Romania. We were starving for 24 hours at the border because we couldn’t find food. The situation is very bad here. We want to return home soon.

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