Recently on Google Maps, a ghost without arms and legs was seen walking around wearing a body suit; People were amazed to see this scene

People have two opinions about ghosts. Some people believe that there are ghosts. Many people have also shared their experience of paranormal activity with him. At the same time, some people believe that ghosts only exist in stories and tales. But now these ghosts can be seen roaming in the digital and virtual world as well. In fact, recently on Google Maps, a user was seen walking around New York City wearing a ghost body suit without head and arms and legs. One user has shared his pictures on social media.

The user took pictures of this strange sight: Let me tell you that strange things sometimes appear on Google Maps. Recently a user on Reddit took some pictures of Google Maps. A strange sight was seen in these pictures. A dress was actually seen spinning in the picture. Neither the man nor his limbs were visible inside the dress. Only the clothes kept moving.

Walking down the street wearing a bodyless suit: Google Maps users spotted the scene at Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. There was a body suit in the middle of the road, but no human body inside. The bodyless body suit moves around the area with so much fun, as if he is enjoying dancing and singing. People were amazed to see a body without a body suit moving on the road like this.

This may have been due to this: The pictures showed that this body suit without human body was sometimes moving on the road and sometimes resting on the road. In some places she was seen dancing and playing. When the body suit got lost along the way, a seagull replaced it. The Seagull, seen in the Navy Run area, was pixelated when zoomed in.

Perhaps this was done for privacy reasons. People are shocked to see the pictures of this strange event. Some have called it a hollowman’s covid edition, while others have wondered what it is.

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