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RRR is based on the life of a real life ‘hero’ who lost his life for the freedom of the country. In the film, Ram Charan played the role of Alluri Sitaram Raju of the freedom fighters, while junior NTRA played the role of Komaram Bhim of the freedom fighters.
South Cinema’s most awaited film Rise Your Revolt (RRR) was released in theaters across the country on March 25, with fans showering their love on the film.

Audiences had already booked tickets for RRR’s first day-first show, which is why an advance booking of Rs 30 crore was made for the film on the opening day. The duo of actor Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in RRR is getting a lot of likes from the fans, while the character of Ajay Devgn and actress Alia Bhatt is also being appreciated.

Seeing the crowd of spectators in the theaters on the RRR opening day, one can guess that the film will earn bumper in the coming days. Meanwhile, the character of Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in the film is also being discussed a lot.

Let me tell you that the film RRR is based on the life of a real life ‘hero’ who lost his life for the freedom of the country. In the film, Ram Charan played the role of Alluri Sitaram Raju of the Freedom Fighters, while Junior NTR played the role of Komaram Bhim of the Freedom Fighters.

Who was Alluri Sitaram Raju? Alluri Sitaram Raju of the Telugu Freedom Fighters, who at a very young age renounced attachment and attachment and took the path of spirituality, traveled to many of the country’s major religious sites.

For Sitaram Raju it is said that he was very much influenced by the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, but he took a radical attitude to fight against the oppression of the British. The British inflicted many atrocities on Sitaram Raju, yet he never knelt down. Eventually, the British shot and killed him

Who was Komaram Bhim? .. Southern superstar junior NTR has tried to revive the character of another freedom fighter, Komaram Bhim, who sacrificed his life for the country. People still worship Komaram, his bravery and valor is shown in the film RRR.

When India was under British occupation, at the same time the Nizam of Hyderabad was also persecuting innocent tribesmen. Komaram Bhim was against injustice from his childhood, he started a revolt for the independence of Hyderabad. Komerm faced many challenges while fighting the gorillas, who later became the Messiah of the tribes. It is said that Komaram Bhim was killed by fraud.

The forest dwellers love freedom and they cannot be bound. These forest dwellers were the first to fight against foreign invaders and tyrants from the jungles. Nature lovers, forest dwellers have a long line of revolutionaries. Many were covered in the landscape and many remained anonymous. One such great revolutionary is Alluri Sitaram Raju.

Mano was born on 4th July 1897 in Pandrik village of Visakhapatnam district. His father Alluri Venkat Ramaraju instilled revolutionary values ​​in Sitaram Raju from his childhood and said that it was the British who enslaved us and they were plundering our country. Sitaram Raju’s father’s words made a home in his mind.

Biraiyadaura’s name also appears in Raju’s revolutionary comrades, who had their own separate forest organization. This organization fought against the British. The British would have hanged Biryadaura, but by then Sitaram Raju’s organization had become very strong. The police were trembling with Raju.

He openly challenged the British authority. One of the reasons for the success of Sitaram Raju’s struggle and revolution was that the forest dwellers did not know how to betray their leader. No ordinary person has become an informant or a traitor. All the forest dwellers of Rampa region of Andhra were giving full shelter to Raju, were self-supporting. At that time of the freedom struggle, he did not report against Raju even after the innocent homeless, open body and working class community reprimanded the British.

Sitaram Raju was fighting a guerrilla war and was hiding in the hills of Nalaimalai. In the hills spread near the Godavari river, Raju and his allies were practicing warfare and planning an attack. The British officers kept beating Raju. After the failure of Andhra police, Malabar police teams from Kerala were deployed for Raju. Raju had several encounters with the Malabar police force but the Malabar troops were defeated.

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