Punishment for a small mistake is very big here .. The rules of the arena of saints are so strict that knowingly shaking will come ..

There are a total of 13 akhadas in Kumbh Mela and many monks and hermits are associated with these akhadas. These arenas are divided according to their ideas and they are the first people to take a royal bath when they come to Kumbh Mela.

Many rules have been made by all these akhadas and all the monks and hermits associated with the akhadas have to follow these rules. If someone breaks a rule by mistake, he is severely punished.

The laws of these arenas are so strict that for a small mistake a hermit is sentenced to five to 108 dips in the Ganges. If there is a major charge against a hermit or he has broken a major rule. Courts are therefore set up and punished by the arenas.

On being punished by the akhadas, the general secretary of the All India Akhada Council, Shri Manhat Harigiri, said that there is a provision of punishment for minor defects in the akhadas. Five to 108 dives in the Ganges are punished. Along with the completion of the sentence, Kotwal is also sent along with the convicted hermit.

After bathing, the hermit returns to the temple in wet clothes and apologizes. After which the priest is forgiven by giving prasad to the ascetic.

Giving information about the laws, Mr. Mahant Harigiri said that in serious cases, the court of the arena is running. Who decides to expel directly. After expelling the guilty monks from the arena, the provisions of the Indian Penal Code apply to them.

Arena court is held on these matters .. 1. In case of fight and conflict of two ascetics.2. Marriage, murder and other serious charges against the hermit.3. On being caught stealing.4. On desecrating the temple.5. Behaving rudely.6. Any inappropriate climb on the arena platform.

Let me tell you – there were only four arenas in the beginning. Later, due to differences, the arenas split. According to tradition, there are a total of 13 recognized akhadas of Shaivite, Vaishnava and Sannyasi sects. Joining these arenas is not easy. And the monks who join these arenas.

They first have to take an oath related to the arena and abide by these rules and regulations for the rest of their lives. The mahant sits at the top of each arena. On which all the responsibilities of the arena rest.

Names of 13 akhadas .. Here are Niranjani akhada, old akhada, Mahanirvana akhada, Atal akhada, Ahwan akhada, Anand akhada, Panchagni akhada, Nagpanthi Gorakhnath akhada, Vaishnava akhada, Nostalgic Panchayati Bada akhada, Nostal akhada .

According to the sages associated with the akhadas, akhadas were born to persuade those who did not believe in the scriptures. These arenas have also played an important role in the freedom struggle. After independence these arenas gave up their military character. Initially there were only 4 main arenas, but due to ideological differences they split.

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