Pranavbhai, who left 7 diamond grinding in Surat and studied 7 books, became the director of Gujarati songs.

We have a saying in Gujarati that even a mountain as high as the Himalayas cannot stop a man of strong mind. This means that even a difficult task is not impossible if a person thinks of something in his mind. Pranav Jethwa, who lives in Surat, has done something similar. Today, Pranav Jethwa, who has studied only seven books, poses for the big stars of Dhollywood in front of the camera. However, it would be surprising to know that Pranavbhai used to work as a diamond grinder. However, now he is earning more than Rs 12 lakh a year by becoming a director of Gujarati songs.

Succeeding from Zunun, Pranav Jethwa, a native of Chalala village in Amreli district and currently living in Surat, has made a name for himself in Dhollywood in a span of 2-3 years. Pranavbhai’s family consists of three sisters, one brother and parents. He had to work from an early age due to poor financial condition of the family. He came to Surat at the young age of 11 to grind diamonds. Here he grinded diamonds for 15-16 years. However, due to his obsession with the camera, he finally decided to quit his job and started photography. The diamond grinding they earned in a month. Today he can do it in a week.

Leaving diamonds to become a photographer, one day after grinding diamonds in Surat for 15-16 years, Pranabbhai decided to quit this job. After this they went in search of business for 5-6 months. In the meantime, however, he got a job as an advertiser. He befriended a cameraman who asked him to learn photography. He then worked with this friend as a photographer in the wedding line for a year and a half.

Made over 125 albums. “After this, I was gradually called for video shooting, my work as a shooter was good and then 2-3 companies from Surat offered me the job of director for the song,” says Pranavbhai. I started his work and the first song was a great success and the work reached the people. Has made over 125 albums in last 2-3 years. In which all the artists of Gujarat come.

In 3 years, Geeta has worked with stars from Rabari to Kinjal Dave. Worked with many singers. Pranavbhai has shot songs with almost all the famous actors of Dhollywood. Among them are Kinjal Dave, Geeta Rabari, Rakesh Barot, Vijay Suwala, Alpa Patel, Dhawal Barot, Umesh Barot, Rashmita Rabari and Kirtidan Gadhvi. The song ‘Lei Ja Ne Tari Sangath’ has received over 62 million views.

Pranavbhai, who learned skills through internet, danced to famous artists working in Gujarati language on his camera, has only studied up to 7th standard. He did not take any classes for photography, shooting and editing work. Only from social media has he learned this skill himself. As well as the people he worked with in the shooting and the roles he played as an actor. Everything is learned from them. But today not only the artists, but also the common people cannot stop dancing to the songs directed by him.

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