PM Modi performed bhajan-kirtan at Ravidas Dham temple in Karol Bagh, he himself played kirtan… video – Deshi Gujarati

Ravidas Jayanti was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 16th February all over the country. According to the Hindu calendar, the birth anniversary of Saint Ravidas is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Magh. Saint Ravidasji was born on the day of Magh Purnima. On this day, a large number of followers of Sant Ravidas gather at his birth place and perform bhajan kirtan.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Sant Ravidas Jayanti, the Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi also visited Shri Guru Ravidas Vishram Dham temple at Karol Bagh, Delhi and on this occasion offered worship at the temple. After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed bhajan-kirtan with the women present in the temple premises, the video of which is rapidly going viral on social media.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Shri Guru Ravidas Vishram Dham temple at Karol Bagh early in the morning on the occasion of Sant Ravidas Jayanti and after going there early in the morning, the Prime Minister participated in Bhajan Kirtan with devotees. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sitting there and playing kartal with devotees, a video of which has spread on social media.

PM Modi said that he would go to Shri Guru Ravidas Vishram and go there and pray for the welfare of the people. People were very happy to see him there.

Let me tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also did one, he also shared many pictures of worshiping Sant Ravidas on Twitter, with PM Modi writing that “Birth anniversary of great saint Guru Ravidas Ji. The way he dedicated his life to eradicating evil practices like sex and untouchability from society,

It is an inspiration to all of us today. On this occasion, I am reminded of some stories about the holy place of Saint Ravidasji. In 2016 and 2019, I had the privilege of bowing and anchoring here. As an MP, I was determined that the development work of this shrine should not be allowed to falter.

Let me tell you that Saint Ravidas is counted among the great saints of the 15th century. He is basically a poet and a social reformer. He has the status of God in Hindu and Punjabi society. Opposing untouchability, Saint Ravidas, like Saint Kabir Das, attacked the vices of society. Ravidas considered karma important in life. For an egalitarian society, he gave a social and spiritual message and taught people to walk on the path of truth.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the Ravidas temple, he offered worship at the temple. Women devotees were very happy to see PM Modi. Devotees there said that PM Modi coming to our place has further enhanced the prestige of the temple. The people present there were very happy to see PM Modi.

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