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Many such miracles were shown on TV in the Ramayana serial that people are amazed. Just like writing the name of Rama, a stone can float on water. A bridge made of stones named Ram is today known as Ram Setu. Or Lankesh Ravana was flying in Pushpak plane.

Seeing all this, the younger generation is stunned. And questions whether it was possible at the time. But after new research, physics has solved this mystery. Even so, the complexity of the basic principles of mathematics, physics, etc., remains the same today. The Ram school will now solve the riddles of the principles of this science through the quadrangle of Shri Ramcharitmanas.

Physics Certificate Program in Ramcharitamanas .. Under the National Education Policy, there is talk of incorporating Indian culture in the curriculum and giving India-centric education to the students. For this purpose, the world’s first virtual school of Rama, which started on the life of Lord Rama, has recently started a certificate program called Physics in Ramcharitamanas.

A quarter will be helpful in explaining mathematics and physics. However, the great mathematician, physicist and philosopher Sir Isaac Newton solved the mystery of the laws of gravity and motion in 1687 with his research paper ‘Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy’.

And also proved that, all the principles are related to nature. Huh. Despite this, there is still a problem in understanding mathematics and physics today. These complexities will now be opened by the four chapters of Shri Ramcharitmanas.

Start an online course. Prince Tiwari, a founding coordinator of the School of Ram, a former student of Vidya Bharti studying at Banaras Hindu University, said the course has been launched online from today. About 70 candidates of different age groups from different parts of the country participated in it.

Unique first try .. Prince said that in this course Ramcharitmanas will study the principles of physics, laws of motion, optics, friction, evaporation, mirage, aeronautics, engineering, energy, magnetism etc.

The most important thing about this course will be that this quadrilateral will also be explained through physics experiments. This will be the first such attempt in itself when a religious text will be explained in a scientific way.

Used the principle of refraction. The prince said, Trisha jai wolf mirage nana. Wolf Jamahin Sir Sis Nidhana. The mirage shown in the above quadrant will be explained by the principle of refraction of optics.

Doha for the third law of motion. Similarly, Radhuveer Sambhari has repeatedly tried to explain Newton’s third law of motion, reaction. Tarakeu wind tension force heavy. Jehin giri charan deh hanumanta. Let’s sing abyss right away. The meaning will be explained. To explain this quadrant, hydrochloric and ethane rockets based on the principle of action, reaction and motion will be used.

What is Ram School? .. Information related to the life of Lord Rama will be given in Rama’s school in Varanasi. This is an online certificate course through which the presence of science in the events of Ramcharit Manas, in addition to ethics, students are also informed about inanimate science, living science and social science. The ‘Ram School’ was established in March 2020 in Varanasi.

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