People in this village have not celebrated Holi festival for last 100 years, because you too will be shocked to know – Gujarat Info Portal

Thus Holi is celebrated all over the country, but there is one village in the country where Holi has not been celebrated for more than 100 years. This village named Durgapur falls in Kasmar block of Bokaro district of Jharkhand.

It is said that the people of this village have not celebrated Holi for the last 100 years. It is believed that the king and queen died at some point on the day of Holi. In this grief, the villagers do not celebrate Holi and consider the color of Holi as a bad omen. About 10,000 tribal people living around Durga hill still have immense respect for their king even after 300 years. So they do not celebrate Holi.

In the year 1724, Dalel Singh was the commander of Ramgarh. He is said to have been passing through Durgapur, a day before Holi, to buy saris and other decorative items, including jewelery, for the queen from Jhalda in West Bengal. Meanwhile, the army of King Durgaprasad Dev of Durgapur captured him on suspicion.

Angered by this, the king of Ramgarh with his army marched on Durgapur on the day of Holi. The king of Durgapur died in this fierce battle. Hearing the news of the king’s death, the queen of Durgapur also jumped into the river and died. From that day onwards people stopped celebrating Holi and this trend continues even today.

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