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There are many temples in Gujarat. A large number of people visit each temple. There is also a mystery attached to each temple. Today we will tell you about a wonderful temple of Mahadev in Gujarat. Visiting this miraculous temple heals any sick child.

There is a village called Ladhod about seven kilometers away from Bardoli taluka in Gujarat. There is a spontaneously revealed temple of Mahadev. Whose name is Sharaneschar Mahadev. This temple is a symbol of the faith of the local people. People come here from far and wide to pay homage to Mahadevji.

Locals say that Sharaneschar Mahadev appeared spontaneously about 700 to 800 years ago. People keep obstacles and akhadi near this Mahadev and Mahadev completes their obstacles. As soon as the mental work is completed, the devotee arrives at Shivaji’s temple. There is a story connected with this temple.

Many years ago, a monk was invited by the king to visit the palace. The monk accepted the king’s invitation with respect. But the monk agreed to come with the king on one condition. He told the king that he would come to the palace but when they walked to the palace the king would walk ahead and the monk would walk behind.

It was said that the monk would not move forward if the king looked back. According to such condition, the monk agreed to come. According to the sadhu, the king was walking in front and the sadhu was walking behind. Then the king lost his temper and stood near the temple where there is a pipal tree.

In the meanwhile he was seen backing away. Just then the monk suddenly disappeared and transformed into a gender. The temple may have been small in the beginning but its splendor is visible after the Jinnodar. The name of this temple is Sharaneschar Mahadev. This temple is very miraculous.

If we talk about Sharaneshchar Dada’s parcha, according to the villagers and the priest, if a child has any defect from birth and if the child has spiders, then it also gets better here. Assuming that the limb has a defect, the silver limb is removed by removing the defect.

A large number of devotees come here every year. Sharaneshwar Dada fulfills the mental aspirations of all the devotees who come to Darshan. It is said that believing in this temple can also cure incurable diseases like major cancers. Devotees come to Dada Darshan with full faith and Dada removes the pains of devotees.

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