People bid farewell to Nirlipat Rai, who has been serving as SP of Amreli for a long time

Amreliઃ More than 50 IPS officers were recently transferred in Gujarat. The transfer of these officers also includes the name of SP Nirlipt Rai of Amreli. SP Nirlipat Rai has served in Amreli for more than three and a half years. Then on Tuesday, the people of Amreli bade farewell to SP Nirlipat Rai. A large number of people gathered at the farewell ceremony of SP Nirlipat Rai. Locals (Amreli News) Raised SP Nirlipat Rai in a flower. People showered flowers on them as they passed. Importantly, hardly any SP has served as long as SP Nirlipat Rai has served here. He has been transferred as SP of State Monitoring Cell at Gandhinagar.

Amreli SP Nirlipat Rai resigned from his charge on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday his grand farewell ceremony was held. He also laid a wreath at the Amar Jawan Smarak before leaving the charge as SP of Amreli. A large number of locals, including policemen and officers, also attended the farewell ceremony of SP Nirlipat Rai. A large number of people showered flowers on SP Nirlipat Rai. The locals greeted SP Nirlipat Rai with a flower and bade him farewell. Posters were also put up at some places before the farewell ceremony.

Leaving the charge as SP, Nirlipat Rai also shared a post on social media. In this post they wrote, I am Nirlipat Rai, IPS Amreli. Has served in the district for 3 years, 9 months and 28 days. I sincerely thank the people of Amreli for their support and cooperation during this time. The charge of Superintendent of Police Amreli in my possession has been handed over to Himkar Singh, IPS. So SP Nirlipat Rai said that this is the first time that such a person has been on duty at such a place for such a long time. I have already received six transfers in a five year job.

Nirlipat Rai was shifted to Amreli by the state government. There were also reports that the state government had appointed him as SP of Amreli to maintain law and order situation in Amreli, which is becoming a bitcoin chapter. After Nirlipat Rai took charge as SP of Amreli, his fear was also seen among anti-social elements and gangsters. Attempts to replace Nirlipat Rai were also reportedly unsuccessful. Importantly, a number of gangsters, including Lady Dawn of Amreli, were imprisoned by Nirlipat Rai. Just watching the video of SP Nirlipat Rai’s farewell ceremony, one realizes how much love the citizens here have for him.

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