People are calling a baby girl born on the first day of Navratri ‘Maa Durga’, find out the reason

A girl born in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh remains a topic of discussion. People are considering the birth of this unique baby on the first day of Navratri as a miracle. Indeed, henna is applied on the fingers of the girl. She was born early on Saturday morning at Rahatgaon Health Center. However, doctors said that the baby’s fingers were scarred due to premature birth.

Doctors were also shocked when the baby was born at Rahatgaon Health Center. There was an atmosphere of happiness at the center when they brought the girl to mother Juhi Vishwas and father Saurabh Vishwas after taking necessary check and care. The staff and people present there started discussing about this girl. The news spread so much that people from all around also gathered at the health center to see the baby.

Saturday being the first day of Navratri, this day became special for this young lady. People say that only mother Durga was born. At the same time, the girl’s father Saurabh Biswas expressed happiness and said that the first child was born in his house as a girl. Applying henna on his feet and hands, the father said that this was due to the union of divine stars. This is the form of the goddess.

This is what happens in medical science – Doctor
On the other hand, Dr. Harsh Patel, in-charge of Rahatgaon Health Center, said that this happens frequently in medical science. Mehndi’s presence means that the girl was born prematurely. He said that such scars are being seen in newborns due to premature delivery. But, these scars will disappear in a few days or a week.

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