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Famous Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal has made a name for himself in the hearts of millions of people with his powerful acting. While he is still active in films, but so far he has played many characters in different films.

In which he is currently seen in more films with a comedy character. It can be said that actor Paresh Rawal has played all the characters from positive to negative, which people have liked a lot. However, everyone knows that Paresh Rawal has achieved this position with his hard work and dedication. Today, he has no shortage of things.

It can be said that actor Paresh Rawal has made a lot of money not only in his own name but also in the Bollywood industry. He has a lot of expensive cars.

Let me tell you that actor Paresh Rawal currently lives in a luxurious house with his wife and two sons. Speaking of his wife, her name is Swaroop Raval, who was once Miss India. Who also has assets worth crores. In general, Paresh Rawal’s biggest source of income today is films. While it is also associated with many brand endorsements, which earn crores of rupees.

Paresh Rawal, 66, loves comedy films, which is why he is working in films even at this age. His next film is called Hungama 2. Now in such a situation, his fans are eager to know how much wealth Paresh Rawal, who has gained so much fame by working in one superhit film after another, has, how he lives his life. In such a situation today we are going to tell you about some unusual things connected with the life of Paresh Rawal.

How much property does Paresh Rawal have? .. Paresh Rawal has an annual income of 13 13 million, or more than 65 965 million. Even at the age of 66, he lives his life like a king.

Car enthusiast Paresh Rawal is very fond of luxury and expensive cars, due to which he has many expensive vehicles. They live a life of luxury. At the same time, he still enjoys all the hobbies he used to have in his youth.

Two films changed his life. The superhit comedy film Hera Ferry and Phir Hera Ferry are two films that changed the life of Paresh Rawal. Both these films made Paresh Rawal very popular and he became a comedy star.

Won many awards .. Paresh Rawal, who has won the hearts of the people with his excellent performance of his art, has won many awards in his name along with respect, fame and money. He has twice been awarded the Filmfare Award. He was also awarded the Padma Shri in 2014.

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