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Destiny is something that has a profound effect on our lives. Destiny plays an important role in everything that happens in our lives. Good luck brings happiness, peace and prosperity in your life, while bad luck brings sorrow, trouble and obstacles. Have you ever noticed that some people don’t work hard at all?

But still they get everything in life very easily. On the contrary, some work hard but they do not get the fruits. Both of these conditions are due to your good and bad luck. Don’t get tense if you are also bothered by your bad luck.

Today we will tell you some specific remedies that will make your destiny four moons. Our remedies today are related to Shanidev. Shanidev is often known for removing pain from people’s lives.

The only condition is that you come to keep them happy. So if you try these remedies Shanidev will remove inauspiciousness from your destiny. That way, you will never have any pain or trouble in your life. So let’s know these remedies without any delay.

The first step. Take a shower early on Saturday and fill the bottle with mustard oil. Now you should go to Shani Mandir. Light the oil lamp by joining hands with Shaniji first. After this Shanidev’s best wishes. Now anoint Shanidev with the oil kept in the bottle. Chant this mantra while doing this

– “Om Namo Bhagwate Shanishcharaya Surya Putraya Namah” Save a few drops of oil in this bottle. Now go home and mix the remaining oil in another oil and make a lamp out of it in the house. This remedy will put an end to your bad days and start your good times.

Another solution. Under this remedy you will need black sesame, black draw and black cloth. First spread a black cloth and put black sesame seeds on it. Now make a bundle of it and tie it with black thread. Place this bundle in front of the idol of Shanidev and do Aarti of Shanidev.

After Aarti is completed, first Aarti to Shanidev and second Aarti to this black bundle. Now hang this bundle on the south side of the house or keep it somewhere. In just a few days, it will eliminate all the negative energy from your home.

And only positive energy will survive in the house. This positive energy will affect the fate of all the members of your household. That is, the lock of everyone’s closed destiny will be opened. Do this remedy on Saturday and also keep a vow in the name of Shanidev. This will give you more benefits.

You do not have to go to the Shani temple to light an oil lamp or make an unrestricted donation to get the blessings of Shanidev. Keep in mind that Saturn is a very serious deity and he does not like uncontrolled waste of time or uncontrolled waste of money.

For those who do not respect time or are lazy, Saturn bothers them. Saturn treats arrogant people like enemies. Only humanity needs to be brought inside to get the blessings of Shanidev.

First of all, make sure you don’t get lazy and work hard. When you know Saturn is inauspicious, don’t expect anything from another person, even if he is your relative. Trust your hard work and take what you have.

Disclaimers- matters given in this article is totally based on media reports, astrology beliefs and Ayurveda principles.. therefore in certain cases it may not be apply for all.. viewers have to see this with their own intellectuals and knowledge..

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