No king, no minister, no leader of the current government stays in Ujjain at night .. The secret is connected with Mahakal ..

The magnificent and magnificent temple of King Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain is located on the east bank of the river Kshipra in Ujjain. Mahakaleshwar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Mahadev and also the most special. Mahakaleshwar is the only south facing Jyotirlinga not only in the country but in the world. Today we have talked about one such secret of this temple, knowing which you will go to the outpost.

The tradition of worshiping King Mahakal of Ujjain is equally special. According to Tantric tradition, Mahakala is worshiped early in the morning. It is said that Mahakal is not pleased unless the Aarti of Mahakal is performed with fresh ashes of the mind.

The first ritual of the day is Bhasma Aarti, a daily ritual held at the temple of King Mahakal of Ujjain. Which is done to awaken Lord Shiva, make him and perform his first Aarti. The specialty of this Aarti is that this Aarti is performed every morning at 4 o’clock on Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga by sprinkling fresh ashes brought from the crematorium.

Importance of Bhasma Aarti: Bhasma Aarti has its own significance. This is the only Aarti performed in the world at the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain. It is said that every Shiva devotee should attend Bhasma Aarti of Lord Mahakaleshwar at least once.

Special rules for attending Aarti: Bookings are made a few months in advance for the morning bhasma aarti. Bhasma Aarti is performed between four and six in the morning.

And to join it, one has to get permission from the temple administration one day before submitting the application. Permission can be obtained only if you have your original identity card. After getting permission,

You have to stand in the queue of Bhasma Aarti from 2 to 3 in the morning. Devotees are then allowed to enter the temple at about four o’clock. Men can participate in this Aarti wearing dhoti and women wearing sari. Otherwise they do not get involved in Aarti.

This is the secret of Mahakaleshwar temple.There is no ruler greater than Mahakal. Where Mahakala is seated in the form of a king, there can be no other element in the form of a king. There has been no other king of Ujjain since Mahakal was crowned in Ujjain.

There is only one ruler of Ujjain, and that is Lord Mahakal. According to mythology, no king stays overnight in Ujjain. Because even today Baba Mahakal is the king of Ujjain. If a king or a minister stays here at night, he is punished.

Either he dies, or his kingdom collapses. Justifying this assumption, there are many vivid examples in the history of Ujjain. The fourth Prime Minister of the country Morarji Desai stayed in Ujjain for only one night after visiting the Mahakaleshwar Temple.

The next day, Morarji Desai’s government collapsed. After spending the night in Ujjain, Karnataka CM YS Yeddyurappa had to resign within 20 days. No human king of Ujjain since King Vikramaditya has ever spent a night in the city of Ujjain and many of those who have done so have not lived to say the king’s apiti.

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