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Friends, we all know that cricket is very important in our country and all over the world. People love to watch and play cricket. Cricket and cricket players are highly respected and loved by the people. There is good news for cricket lovers in Teva.

Friends are currently getting information about the wedding of world famous cricketer and all-rounder Glenn Maxwell. We all know that Glenn Maxwell is an Australian all-rounder who has made a name for himself in the world of cricket due to his outstanding game.

If we talk about Glenn Maxwell’s wedding, let’s say that his wedding is going to be with Vinnie Raman. If we talk about Vinnie Raman, let it be known that he has ties with Chennai, and currently Vinnie of Indian origin lives in Melbourne, Australia. Vinnie Raman’s father’s name is Venkat Raman and mother’s name is Vijayalakshmi.

Let’s say that Vinnie Raman’s parents moved to Australia before he was born. Let’s say that Vinnie Raman was born in Australia and he studied pharmacy from here. If we talk about Maxwell and Winnie’s love affair, let’s say that they have been dating since 2017. They got engaged in February 2020 and it is now likely that the couple will get married on March 27 in Melbourne.

However, the most exciting thing about their marriage is their marriage. If we talk about Maxwell and Winnie’s wedding, this invitation card is made entirely in Indian style. In which besides Lord Ganesha and Mother Lakshmi there are also photos of Lord Vishnu. And the special thing is that this invitation leaflet is printed entirely in Tamil language.

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