Neha Kakkar asked her husband Rohanpreet that the singer got lost in thought, and then something happened that

Neha Kakkar has made a name for herself in the world of singing. He is often the subject of much discussion about his songs. But apart from this, her married life is also a reason to be in the headlines. She is often seen making funny videos with her husband Rohanpreet Singh. Meanwhile, a video of him has surfaced recently. Which puts people in awe. Because on one hand Rohanpreet is seen singing love songs for his wife Neha. Neha, on the other hand, wants something very valuable in return. His video is going viral on the internet.

Let it be known that this latest video has been shared by Rohanpreet Singh from his official Instagram account. In which it can be seen that Rohanpreet is singing ‘Hum To Dil De Hi Chuke’, Neha pulls her cheek. Then he says ‘Now give your property too’. Rohanpreet is shocked to hear this. Watching the video (Neha and Rohanpreet’s funny video) reveals that he has recorded in this reel car. This video of him has spread all over the internet.

Sharing this video, Rohanpreet (Rohanpreet Singh latest video) has written in the caption, “Let the marriage take its own risk”. Commenting on this video of Singer, Neha wrote, “How can a baby run without your property”. Besides Neha, her brother Tony Kakkar has also reacted to this. He wrote, ‘Haha… Good One Bro’. Apart from this, many people have made different comments on this.

Let me tell you that Rohanpreet Singh and Neha Kakkad got married in the year 2020 in the month of October. Many pictures and videos of the two were circulating on the internet. Which people liked very much. News of Neha’s pregnancy also surfaced shortly after the wedding. Her photo with Baby Bump also went viral.

For which he began to receive congratulations from the people. However, in reality those pictures were of her video song. Which was revealed by Neha herself. But let me tell you – the fans are eagerly awaiting their parents. He also often expresses his excitement on social media.

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