Negative characters are more favorable than positive ones on these TV actors.

The negative character on these artists comes more favorable

Let’s talk first Let me tell you that Jain Imam was seen playing the positive role of Neel in the serial titled Fana Ishq Mein Marwa these days.

But let me tell you that actor Jain Imam is more suited to a negative character than his positive character because he portrays his negative character so beautifully on screen. Let’s talk about Sudhanshu Pandey. Now let’s talk about actor Sudhanshu Pandey who was seen in a positive role in Anupama serial in the early days.

And the viewers liked his character but now that he is in Anupama serial if he is seen playing a negative character then the viewers have liked his negative character even more so the way he is playing his negative character on screen is really admirable Because viewers are choosing a negative character.

At number three Now let’s talk about Vishal Vashisht. Actor Vishal Vashisht was seen playing the negative role of Kabir Sharma in the serial Ishq Mein Mar Jawa.

At the same time, his confrontation with Riddhima was very much liked by the viewers which is why it is said that he looks more negative than positive character at number four. Hagun Pandey is playing the role of Ahlawat in Serial Meet these days as actor Shagun Pandey was seen playing the negative role of Atharva Bapat in the serial Tuzse Hai Rabta.

In which his negative character was very much liked by the audience in whose mind I always proceeded like a mastermind which is why the audience loved him so much in the negative character At the last number of this list let’s talk about actor Samrudh Bawa who is seen playing the role of Jigar in serial Balika Vadhu these days.

And let us tell you that the actor Samrudh Bawa is also very much liked by the viewers in the negative character because of the way he always tries to disturb the fun and happiness and the story of the serial with his negative character is completely changed which makes the viewers say that it is positive. Negative characters are more favorable than characters.

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