Naga sadhu becomes a person by believing in oneself

Aquarius has started in Prayagraj. A large number of sages participated in Aquarius. The most famous of these are the Naga monks. Like every time, this time too the Naga monks are making a fuss in Kumbh. From Prayagraj to Naga monks are discussed on social media. Everyone wants to know and understand about Naga Sadhu.

Yes, becoming a Naga monk is not easy for anyone, but he has to go through many stages. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some of the mysteries of the life of a Naga monk, knowing which you too cannot be left behind in praising his dedication and sacrifice.

How was the arena established? .. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya established akhadas when foreign invaders started coming to Indian soil. Yes, Adi Shankaracharya believed that along with worship, physical labor and weapons should also be taught to the monks so that the invaders could be confronted. For this Adi Shankaracharya established 7 akhadas. However, this number has now risen to 13.

1. You have to do your shraddha .. Before becoming a Naga monk, one has to perform shraddha according to the rituals. After doing shraddha, the person is identified by the name given by the guru of the akhada.

In addition to this, one’s own control over the person is also tested before initiation. It is to be noted that a person is initiated to become a Naga monk only when he succeeds after three years of mental control with physical celibacy.

2. Only a person of Hinduism can become a Naga sadhu. Let me tell you that Mahant Parashuram Giri, the International General Secretary of the old akhada, says that the initiation of a Naga sadhu is given only to that person.

Which is of Hindu religion. Regardless of race. At the same time, he further said that if a person of another religion wants to become a Naga monk, he cannot become one, as that is the rule of the akhada.

3. Stay outside the settlement. Naga monks say they have to live outside the settlement. In fact, as a Naga monk, he can neither bow down nor slander anyone. In such a situation they have to stay outside the colony and live like a hermit. Naga Sadhu says that every Naga Sadhu who takes initiation has to follow this rule.

4. Eat only after begging. The Naga monks also have a rule that they have to eat only once a day. They eat this food only by begging. Apart from this Naga monks can beg from only 7 houses in a day. In such a situation, if they do not get alms, they have to go hungry that day, but cannot go to the eighth house and ask for alms.

5. Sleeping on the ground. Please note that Naga monks only sleep on the ground. They are not allowed to sleep on the bed or bed and for violating this rule they are punished by the guru of the akhada and all their initiations are canceled. In such a situation, the Naga monks are sleeping on the ground.

6. Only bhasma and rudraksha are held.Naga monks are allowed to wear bhasma and rudraksha. If one wants to wear clothes, he can wear only one and that too only ocher. Apart from this they apply ashes on the body and wear Rudraksha and do not wear any clothes.

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