Muslim couple feeds fish to Jain couple on Air India flight in the name of vegetarian… Video goes viral

A Jain couple has been accused of feeding fish on an Air India flight. The couple alleged that two Muslim employees of Air India told them that what they were given was veg food and they should enjoy it without worrying. However, it was later confirmed by other staff that they had been served fish. The Jain man has posted a video of the incident on various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. After this, Air India has asked for its ticket etc. for the investigation of this case.

According to the information shared with the video, Raghavendra Jain wrote on his YouTube that he had traveled in AI 307 while coming to Delhi from Tokyo. On this trip he asked for gluten free veg, Jain food. The order was already booked and confirmed. But Fatima Munni and Yaman Khan gave him non-veg food as a vegetarian.

When he opened it, he smelled fish. They went to Fatima. Where both Fatima and Yaman have verified that this is vegetarian food and they should not worry about it. They laughed and told the tourist to eat.

Raghavendra further wrote, “That day was the worst day of our lives. My wife is still sick because of that incident and we are in emotional stress. After all the threats we tried to record the whole case. Throughout the flight, Yaman Khan kept asking us to delete the video. Only Supervisor Joshi Madam expressed our condolences and apologized. “

In this video we can see how Jains are constantly complaining to the flight crew about their actions but they are repeatedly repeating whether they think they will do all this on purpose. There is no remorse on Fatima Munni’s face. The Jain man often says, “Even after I asked, you fed me meat. I am Jain, I have never eaten non-veg in my life. I don’t know what non-wedge looks like. “

He says that even after complaining so much, there was a smile on Fatima’s face. He did not even apologize seriously. Instead, when he told Fatima that if she ate fish herself, did she not know what fish looked like? At this, Fatima became agitated and said that she did not eat the fish at all.

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