Mother Chamunda is still standing on the top of Chotila hill, because of this mystery no one stays in this temple even tonight – Gujarat Info Portal

There are many temples in Gujarat. Different gods and goddesses are sitting on the holy land of Gujarat. Devotees come from far and wide to visit every temple and feel blessed. There is a mystery attached to every temple. Then today we will talk to you about the peak of Chamunda Dham on the land of Gujarat.

The magnificent temple of Chamunda is located in Chotila of Surendranagar district of Gujarat. Thousands of devotees visit Chamunda in this temple. Especially on the day of Poonam, a large number of devotees come to Darshan. Devotees who come to this temple say that Sakshat Chamunda Mata has been installed in this temple.

It is said that the mother removes all the pain that comes in the life of anyone who comes here to visit. That is why a large number of devotees flock here for darshan. Devotees coming to the temple have to climb about six and a half steps to pay homage to Mother Chamunda. For the devotees who come to this temple, various facilities have been made so that they do not have any trouble while climbing the steps.

According to folklore, Chotila Dungar is considered to be one thousand years old. Birajman Mataji in this temple is known as Chandi Chamunda Mata temple. In Chamunda so far many devotees have been given parchas. There is also a belief in this temple that no devotee or priest can stay on the hill after the night aarti. Anyone who comes for darshan leaves the temple after Sandhya Aarti. To this day no one has stayed the night.

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