Mother Amba completes Satna Parcha even today, Ahmedabad’s manati completes gold necklace – Gujarat Info Portal

India is a religious country. The people here are associated with religion. The people of India worship with full faith and God completes all their work. Some people go to see the temple and even believe. In addition, believers donate as much as they can. Then we will tell you about a person who donated millions of rupees.

A case of a devotee of Amba living in Ahmedabad has come to light recently. He believed in Ambani. At the end of the day, he arrived at Khedbrahma with his family to pay homage to Ambe. The family members of this devotee went to the temple and paid obeisance to Maa Amba and offered 0.48 gram gold necklace at her feet and took Mataji’s blessings.

Mother Amba has millions of devotees. Everyone comes to see the mother and feels gratitude. My devotees come not only from the country but also from abroad to visit and feel gratitude. Earlier also, an NRI devotee had offered 100 grams of gold to Mataji and received her blessings.

Devotees have different beliefs in Ambaji Mataji’s temple. When the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled, then they come to the temple and fulfill their beliefs. Currently, one of my devotees has donated millions of rupees. However he did not reveal his name. This devotee has offered Rs. 4,90,000 in gold in the mother’s shelter. The mother fulfills every wish of her devotee. His power is unconventional.

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