Miracle / In the unbroken flame of Ambe, the vehicle saw the tiger, the devotees flocked to see it – Gujarati Press

Friends, Ambamata is considered to be the abode of Ambamata in a cave in the mountains of Gabbar, about two kilometers from the Ambaji temple situated between the Aravalli ranges. Here on the Gabbar mountain the unbroken jayot has been happening for years. The temple of Ambaji Mata, one of the 52 Shakti Peethas, is considered a symbol of faith.

Friends, a big miracle took place here at the time of Aarti in the morning in which the real tiger was seen in the unbroken flame and the devotees were moved to see this scene. Friends, a lot of people have also downloaded the video of this incident and in this video, the form of Amba’s vehicle tiger is actually seen inside the flame and now this video is going very viral.

Inside the video, the tiger has two ears, two eyes and a mouth.

Friends say that where there is faith, what is the need of proof, that is why as the video is going viral, curiosity is being seen inside the devotees.

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