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Milind Soman is celebrating his 55th birthday today i.e. 4th November. He was born on this day in 1965. Milind is one of the supermodels in India who has scored fitness goals. The uproar erupted when he married 26-year-old Ankita Kanwar.

The couple got married in 2018 and now people are learning to live a happy life from them. On the occasion of the actor’s birthday, he is revealing how his family members reacted when he was going to marry a 26-year-old girl.

Milind Soman and Ankita got married in 2018 and now people take inspiration from them to live a happy life. Milind was 52 and Ankita was 26 when they got married. Ankita once told a news portal how she met Milind Soman.

About meeting Milind, Ankita said that she is an airhostess and Milind met her at a hotel in Chennai. The two felt connected to each other. Soon they began to spend time together. Ankita’s boyfriend died and she could not forget her past. Milind’s support convinced her that he was the right person for her.

Regarding the long age difference with Milind Soman, Ankita once said that like other families, Ankita’s parents were also disturbed by the age difference between the two. However, seeing his happiness changed his mind.

His family raised a number of questions about the two, but they too left after the meeting. Ankita said that Milind is younger than her father but one year older than her mother. There is also a 10 year difference between Ankita’s parents.

Milind Som has got married to Ankita for the second time. He was previously married to French actress Milan Jamponai. They were married in 2006. However, their relationship did not last long and they divorced in 2009 after three years. After the first marriage broke up, the names of seven actresses like Shah’s Goswami, Dipannita Sharma and Gul Panag have also been added to the actress’s name.

The chemistry of these two is very much liked by the fans. Everyone is praising while commenting on the photo. The couple always goes on trips. The love between the two is evident in the pictures. The two continue to inspire each other to live.

The two had recently visited Jaisalmer. During this time both of them ran 110 kilometers. Where the two also did their photoshoot. Where the two were seen enjoying each other and enjoying different dishes.

There was a big age gap between Milind and Ankita. But still their love has not been affected. The two love each other very much. Milind Soman has been a popular supermodel in India for the last 3 decades. He is also called the iron man of the country. He has also acted in films like Paurushpur and Bajirao Mastani.

The romantic and hot image of Milind and Ankita is going very viral these days. In this picture, he is seen romancing underwater in the cold of winter. Milind, meanwhile, is seen shirtless while Ankita is seen wearing a bikini. The two are having a romance with each other.

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