Mewat has been the green land of Shri Krishna … Vishwa Hindu Parishad will not allow it to become another Kashmir … Know the whole incident … – We are Gujarati

Mewat in Haryana, once a place of entertainment for Lord Krishna, has unfortunately lost its character today due to jihadi conspiracies. There are many pilgrimage sites in Mewat during the Mahabharata period, but today Hindu temples are occupied by jihadists.

And Hindus cannot even enter many temples. The place which was Hindu majority in the early 20th century has now become Muslim majority due to the vicious cycle of conversion and life of Hindus there has become difficult.

Jihadi elements are indiscriminately committing unimaginable and inhumane atrocities on Hindus. Incidents of abduction, molestation and humiliation of Hindu women continue to occur.

Despite the ban on cow slaughter in Haryana, cows are slaughtered openly. Incidents of forcible conversion of Hindus and attacks on Hindu girls’ wedding ceremonies, looting of luggage and abduction of girls have also been reported.

Today the life of Hindus there has become difficult, so Hindus are also migrating from many places. Today there are 103 Hindu villages and more than 90 villages where less than 5 Hindu families are left.

Jihadi elements want to make Mewat a Hindu Zero and another Kashmir in Haryana. Mewat has become a sanctuary for terrorists, Bangladeshi infiltrators and Berber Rohingyas. Last year, two investigative commissions visited Mewat.

Both saw that the condition of Hindus in Mewat was very pitiable. The weaker sections, especially the Scheduled Caste brothers and sisters, are always the target of jihadists here.

The Hindu community outside Mewat is also helping in the defense of their brothers and sisters. The VHP welcomes this awareness and is committed to making Hindu society more aware and strong.

The aggrieved community of Mewat expects a solution to these problems from the Chief Minister of Haryana. Hon’ble Chief Minister Mewat came a year ago and assessed the situation there himself and also promised to take some concrete steps.

The VHP expects that they will soon implement these announced measures so that the rule of law can be established in Mewat and Hindus can live with self-respect. VHP appeals to the Hindu community near Mewat to always be ready for the protection of their Hindu brothers and sisters.

The VHP also calls on the Hindus of Mewat that the identity of the Hindus is ‘migration not force’. Therefore, they should be committed to protect their religion, daughter and land. It is our resolve that we will definitely restore the ancient identity of Mewat associated with Lord Krishna.

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