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In the last 24 hours in Gujarat, cyclonic disturbances have caused rains in some areas. The meteorological department has forecast two more days of unseasonal rains in some areas, including Ahmedabad. According to the meteorological department, the situation in Saurashtra will remain unchanged for the next two days.

The cold snap has also intensified over the last two days due to climate change. Scattered rains have been recorded in North Gujarat, Central Gujarat and some parts of Saurashtra since yesterday. The meteorological department has forecast two more days of rain. Due to which farmers are worried.

The meteorological department has said that the weather will change in the next 48 hours. But the cold will increase. After January 9, the temperature will drop by three to five degrees and the cold will increase.

It may be mentioned here that since last Wednesday, the weather has changed in many parts of the state. Due to which the roads also got wet. Western Disturbances caused unseasonal rainfall. Farmers in Gir Somnath, Dwarka, Jamnagar and some areas of Rajkot are also worried.

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