MBBS student commits suicide after being harassed by ragging, father says

A case has been registered against two senior students, including college dean GS Patel, in connection with the suicide of a first-year MBBS student who was disturbed by ragging in Indore. After the FIR the father of the deceased said that my son had complained to the dean of the college that he was being ragged by the seniors, but to no avail. The Index Medical College student phoned his father before committing suicide and told him about the harassment being inflicted by the seniors. He said

‘Dad, I’m very upset, I don’t want to stay in a hostel. The seniors are ragging here. Every day he takes off his clothes and stands me on the wall. Stand in that position for hours. Do dirty things with pencils and pens. Asked if you have a girlfriend or not? And porn movies.

Chetan Patidar (22), a resident of Badnagar in Ujjain district, was a first year student of Index Medical College, Indore. Discussing with the deceased’s mama Bhaskar, Vijay said that Chetan was admitted on February 28. After this the senior students of the college were constantly harassing him. The seniors called him to his room every night. He ordered Chetan to take off his clothes and then the torture continued for several hours. Chetan told his father Dinesh Patidar about this. He then asked Dean to complain about this.

According to police, Chetan had on March 26 applied to Dean GS Patel not to stay in the hostel, but Dee clearly refused. It is said that the college administrator is charged a hefty fee for the hostel. Due to which they do not allow the student to vacate the hostel. A case under Section 306 has been registered against Durgesh Hada and Romil Singh, two senior students of the college, including GS Patel, the dean of the college, late on Friday night in connection with the student’s suicide.

Direct question to college dean
Question: Are the allegations against you true?
Answer: It is not appropriate to say anything at this time, as the police are still investigating.

Question – Did Chetan ask you about not staying in a hostel or changing hostels?
Answer – No, there is no such written record but an investigation is underway so I have nothing to say.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Did Chetan tell you not to stay in the hostel?
Answer – No such record was received from our office.

Question – The family is making allegations.
Answer: How can he say that Chetan came here? If they have any evidence it is a different matter, there is no evidence of any kind here.

“When I spoke to Chetan on March 28, I asked, ‘Where are you?’ Then he said I have breakfast in the college canteen. The last time this happened was on March 29, a few hours before the suicide. Then he was talking in a very nervous and low voice. After talking for a while, he hung up.

According to the father, the seniors were constantly harassing him by calling him. When he came home on Holi, his senior’s phone rang here too. I did not ask the name. The senior asked- Where are you? He then hung up the phone saying he was at home. Phone calls kept coming after that.

Family members said Chetan was good at the study. He got 75% marks in 12. For this reason he got admission in MBBS. He got Index College. Also got a scholarship of Rs 13 lakh. 1 lakh 70 thousand rupees were to be given to the hostel, which was deposited. Chetan’s father farms in Maulana of Badnagar taluka of Ujjain district. Big brother Deepak also helps his father. Chetan has two older sisters who are married. The family’s dream was to make their son a doctor, so Chetan was sent to Indore to study. The father also sold the land for Rs 2 lakh to pay the hostel fee.

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