Mausam bhi gaya geet par desi bhabhi karyo aavi pani aavo dance, see you too will be pani pani

The movie ‘Baalma’ was released many years ago, the song of the movie ‘Baalma’ ‘A Mausam Bhi Gaya’ is evergreen even after all these years, the feet of the people start trembling when they hear it Has given his voice.

Ever since the trend of short videos started, people have been posting their videos on platforms like Instagram reels. A few seconds of video goes viral in a matter of days. Recently a video went viral in which a sister-in-law was dancing on the terrace. People have liked this dance video of hers and it is gathering millions of views on Instagram.

In the video that is going viral on the internet, it can be seen that Bhabhi is spreading fire in the country style in front of the camera on the terrace. Bhabhi won the hearts of thousands of people while dancing to the famous song ‘A Mausam Bhi Gaya’. He has tried to imitate the dance steps on Bollywood songs.

Watch the video:

For your information, let me tell you that this video has been shared from an Instagram account called Bongshades and in this video, Bhabhi has mesmerized everyone. The video has been viewed more than a million times so far. So far this video has been liked by over a thousand people.

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