Many officers could not shake the JCB crane to this small idol .. Hanuman showed such a miracle that the officer who ran away from the crane .. – We Gujarati

The country has a long history of faith and tradition of faith, stories of miracles of gods and goddesses have been narrated by ancestors for years. But sometimes God’s miracles also appear.

Recently, a similar case has come up from Shahjahanpur district. Wherever Hanuman went to remove the temple, the contractor and his men realized the power of Hanumanji. After which people’s faith in Hanumanji has increased even more.

A unique miracle was witnessed in the 130 year old temple of Shahjahanpur, UP. Where the administration reached out to widen the road to remove the temple and idol. Officers arriving with the entire army and the JCB machine had to return as the machine broke down before Hanumanji’s idol was uprooted.

After this the officers ordered another machine. Another JCB machine was still breaking down the wall near the statue. That his chain was broken. Officers bowed when another JCB machine failed but officers continued their efforts. This time he ordered a bigger and more powerful crane machine.

When the officers and laborers tied and removed the statue of Hanumanji, all the straps of the third machine also broke. After which the officers’ senses were blown away. Because now he had an idea of ​​Hanumanji’s power. In the freezing cold, sweat turned to remove the idol of Bajrambali from the temple.

It is said that this temple of Hanumanji is 130 years old. People call him Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ji. This temple belongs to Kachiyani Kheda temple area of ​​Shahjahanpur. Where the Era Company wanted to remove the temple due to the widening of the road.

Strict arrangements were also made by the administration to remove the temple, but when the administrative officials came with JCB to dismantle the statue of Hanumanji, thousands of quintals of goods were removed and three machines were also damaged in three days.

But the idol of Bajrang was damaged. Bali was shaken. The hands and feet of the high officials were swollen in the insistence to remove the idol from the temple. After this the administration decided to demolish the statue and generators and Babrat machine were brought to demolish the statue.

This time the administration arrived with more readiness. But all the attempts of the administration against the miracle of Hanumanji failed. This is because the generator and the Babrat machine brought to break the idol were also damaged on the spot.

On the one hand, there was the stubborn attitude of the administration. Hanumanji, on the other hand, was performing miracles. This clash between the administration and the estimates became a hot topic among the people. People are constantly coming to the temple. People’s faith in the temple has increased.

There is an atmosphere of tension in the village due to the stubborn attitude of the administration. Now Hindutva organizations and villagers have also come forward in this matter. Who are talking of adopting another way without removing the temple.

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