Lord Vishnu himself appeared in the Omkarnath Vishnu temple in Gujarat, learn about this temple.

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Omkarnath Vishnu Temple, Shukaltirth, Bharuch District, Gujarat.

Lord Vishnu manifested himself here.

Due to the fact that Shukaltirth has the best virtue, the art of the 12th part is not even better than other pilgrimages on earth due to its auspicious vision. The sin of Brahmahatya is destroyed only by seeing Shuklatirtha. In Shukaltirth, Narmada is the destroyer of all sins. Shuklatirtha is the Tirtha that gives salvation. In the eastern section of Shukaltirth village lies the mythical temple of Swayambhu Omkarnath Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu himself is seated in the temple.

According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu performed great penance at this place for a thousand years to satisfy Girjapati. They stayed in this tirtha by giving up food and eating only air. Mahadev, the god of gods, was pleased with his penance and became real.

Evidence of Lord Vishnu’s self-manifestation in this place is described in the Puranas. Many sages used to perform japa, tapa, yajna and home, havan in the Puranic period in the holy shrine Shukaltirth. At that time the monstrous form of Narmada in this area was interrupting the Dharmakarya of the sages, and all the worship materials of the sages were flowing with their own water.

Repeating this many times, the sages and sages worshiped the omniscient giver, Vibhu, the Lord of the world, the Sustainer, Lord Vishnu. With this prayer of sages and sages, Lord Vishnu himself appeared with the car of Omkar. Narmada moved a cell away from the realization of Lord Vishnu. Thus this place became the best place for sages and sages to perform bathing, chanting, penance, sacrifice.

The day Lord Vishnu appeared with Omkar’s I-kar was Karthiki Sud Purnima. So this day is considered as their manifest day. The divine image of Lord Omkarnath gives the visitors a supernatural realization. Lord Omkarnath is seen in different forms on the three evenings of the day. In the morning the Lord appears to the devotees in the form of childhood, in the middle in the form of youth and in the evening in the form of old age. This has been experienced by many visitors.

Lord Vishnu is seated here in the form of a quadrangle. The full size statue of Lord Vishnu has many features. There are very few temples of Vishnu. And where there is, Lord Vishnu is of dark descent, while in Shukaltirth, Lord Vishnu is in white form. Prajapita Brahmaji is on the left side of the head of Lord Omkarnath and Mahadev Shankarji is on the right side of the head. In the right hand is a mace and a padma. In the left hand is the Sudarshan Chakra and the southern conch.

Lord Vishnu has Srilanchan in the upper part of the chest and Bhrigulanchan in the middle. The left hand palm has Radhikaji and the right hand palm has Vedavyasji. Sukdevji is on the left side and Lakshmiji is on the right side. On the idol of Lord Omkarnath, Sheshnag is wrapped all over the body and the fangs of the snake are seen on the back of the head of the Lord. At the bottom of the statue, their gatekeepers Jai and Vijay are standing awaiting obedience with the protection of God.

Garudaji stands in front of the temple of Omkarnath. Hanumanji also has his place with them. Mother Lakshmiji is seated on the left side of Omkarnath and on the right side Lord Suryanarayana is giving light with his chariot of seven horses.

There is also a history of the construction of this mythical temple. The temple was built by the then king of Tambekar. This is the same Tambekar king who built the Dakor temple along with the Shukaltirth temple. Since then, the temple has been undergoing innovative repairs and repainting over time.

Lastly, the temple was repaired in 2007 and the statue of Lord Vishnu was also given a new look. Here the worship of Lord Omkarnath Vishnu is going on uninterruptedly. Meenal Devi had waived the travel tax of this pilgrimage site in the summer of 2011. By bathing in Omkar, darshan of Omkarnath, doing pooja, stuti and shastang pranam, one gets the virtue of saluting all the gods.

It is said that as many Tulsi leaves and flowers are offered in worship of Lord Vishnu, for how many thousands of years man has found a place in Vishnulok. The father of one who bathes in Omkar Tirtha for patriarchal devotion and pays homage to the father is satisfied for one hundred years. The sin of Brahmahatya is washed away only by the darshan of Omkarnath Lord Vishnu who has assumed conch, chakra, mace and wisdom.

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